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Accidents happen. People take risks. But why? Accidents happen on the frontline. If the Safety Department runs the Safety program, then it is just that – a program. Culture Through Safety engages every person within an organization to create a sustainable Safety Culture. We look at the decisions we make and how those decisions are influenced. This is a deep dive into what is truly important to us all. In the end, we must create a culture where caring, compassion, and community drive us to protect ourselves and those we work with.

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Focused on the people who drive your organization’s success. From operators to contractors, every Key Performance Indicator is delivered to you by front-line workers. This course aims to cultivate a culture of caring, compassion and community within that group of people.

In this course, we explore the depths of intrinsic motivation and our decision-making process.

Presented by Fritz Black

Learning Objectives

  • Focus on what is most important in life and how that drives us at work.
  • Strengthen personal leadership.
  • See how safety has three fronts – financial safety, physical safety, and emotional safety.
  • Understand Risk Perception: We recalibrate perceptions of risk, ensuring everyone is attuned to risks.
  • Understand Influence: We focus on what influences us and how we influence others.
  • Empowering a Caring Culture: We are part of a work community. Understanding our responsibility and commitment to one another becomes the driving force of our decisions.


  • Renewed Dynamic on Health and Safety: Experience a revitalized approach to health and safety practices, equipped with fresh insights and strategies to ensure the well-being of yourself and your team.
  • Enhanced Focus on People: Shift from mere compliance to a culture of genuine care and community. By prioritizing people over processes, you’ll foster deeper connections and a more supportive work environment.
  • Full Integration into Company Culture: Seamlessly integrate the principles learned in this course into your organization’s existing culture and community, ensuring alignment with your values and goals.
  • Pride in Job Well Done: Feel a sense of accomplishment and pride as you apply the knowledge gained from this course to excel in your role, contributing to the success of your team and organization on multiple levels.

Take part in a journey towards a workplace culture abundant in empathy, resilience, and solidarity. Let’s cultivate safety together and witness the growth of shared values and pride.