Lecticon is the best bang for your team development buck!

Wow, bold claim.

Improve Onboarding

Reinforce each new hire’s good idea to join your team by introducing culture, systems, and people consistently and immediately.

Increase Engagement

Set a standard of ongoing engagement with learning and development for more fulfilled and productive team members.

Enhance Culture

Build a culture of connection and alignment by providing ongoing access to enterprise purpose and value initiatives.

Develop Leaders

Invest in professional development to continually have access to the next generation of enterprise leaders.

Reduce Turnover

People stay longer if you provide meaningful operational onboarding and continuing growth and development opportunities.

What's our secret ingredient?

Lecticon uses a VEST framework for success





What's that mean?

How do we engage?

Lecticon is fractional

What's fractional?

Free training audit and onboarding module

You can get a free training scorecard and onboarding module that you can put into action whether you decide to hire us or not

What's our process?

Total engagement

What does that mean?

Of eligible companies who get an audit from Lecticon hire us.


Look who trusts Lecticon

Invest in your people

86% of millennials would not leave their current position if training and development were offered by their employer.

Individuals developed through defined training is one of the commonalities among winning companies.

If you are looking to scale your company, you cannot circumvent training and development.

Your competition will pass you by.

Learning officer

power house

Shout out to Dr. Egner with the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning in Babenhausen, Germany.

She recently saved her organization more than $150,000 in capital by partnering with Lecticon to update the veterinary courses VAHL offers online.

Veterinarians around the world are better prepared to help their patients because of Dr. Egner. Pets love Dr. Egner.